Fun Games

Fun Games

The Name Game – have players sit in a circle and give each player a fun nickname.. After each new nickname the player must say the name of the previous players and his/her own name. At the end the coach should know all the players by their fun name. Helps with communication.

Chain Tag– When a player is tagged they must hold hands with player who is ‘on it’. The chain is extended every time a player is tagged until everyone is caught. Players cannot be tagged if the chain is broken – area sizes 30 x 30 yards. Variations – all players dribble a ball except for players ‘on it’ allow smaller chains of 3/4/5 to form.

Follow the Leader – with a ball, players working in pairs, begin slowly with following player trying to stay as close as possible. Use various commands to increase interest e.g. Change direction, change right/left foot, faster. Area size 30×30 yards.

Dribble Tag – players dribble around a set area 20×20 or 30×30 yards – a tagged player must pick up their ball, put it about their head, make a tunnel with their legs and shout for help. They can be freed if someone passes their ball through their legs. (Variations – more than one player can be ‘on it’ one ball and players must pass through legs to free a tagged person.)

Runabout soccer – players dribble a set area 20×20 or 30×30 yards. Have one player without a ball and on coaches command player enters area and tries to get a ball. The player who loses the ball must then go after a different ball the game continues. (Variations – have more than one player start without a ball.)

The Tail Game – Give players a bib each and get them to make a tail at the back, on  coaches command each player has to get as many tails as he can.If he get a players tail he takes all his bibs.Stop with a few players left and get them to count to see how many each has to get a champion. (Variation- Have one/two players to get the tails and see who is the last left)

Harry potter – area 30x40yards all kids are magicians and have a magic stone(ball) they dribble around the area (hogwarts school)  trying to keep the ball close to their feet. Introduce a troll ( can be coach or a player) to steal the magic stones.Ggive kids a magic wand (bib) and word that can kill a troll if he/she gets to close.
progessions :- introduce a simple turn/skill  enabling them them to escape the tolls and change direction  introduce 3 magic spells that can make them go fast, medium or slow.

SPIDERMAN TAG – area 30x40yards have all kids dribbling around area introduce the green goblin(coach or a player) who trys to tag the spidermen when taged stand with legs open and ball held above head to free spidermen they have to be nutmeged

POKEMON MASTER –  divide group into two teams place one team evenly around the area with there legs open the other team has a ball each and they must dribble around and try to pass there ball through the legs of as many people as possible in one minute.  players then reverse roles
progression :-make up different challenges in order to pass ball through legs e.g pass through the front and then the back

123 LIFT OFF -split group into two teams place five balls on cones inside area  team one dribbles ball inside area team two watches then they try to pass there ball to knock ball off cones team two has to try and replace ball on cones as quickly as possible teams switch after 1 minute who can knock off most balls Keep a score to see how many they hit. progression:- players replace ball without using their hands.

COCONUT SHY – divide your group into two. Place five discs on each end line put a ball on each disc play 5v5 in the area and see which team can knock off  by passing the ball at other teams coconuts, make field smaller if player are not achieving success quickly. Team that knocks the balls off first win.

 BATTLESHIP-  have players dribble around area (sea) split group into two have each group wear two different colours players dribble around  the sea and try to knock out players (ships)from the other team by passing or dribbling there own ball (torpedo) into the other players ball ships that are sunk must go into a set area and (ship graveyard) and continue to dribble until all their fleet has been sunk.

SPIDERMAN– invisable force field , ball in play each player starts w/ball players (flys) have to dribble around  inside the area and avoid being caught by the coach (spider) link arms if caught web gets bigger until only one fly is left area 30 x 30 yrds
progression::-alternate spiders use one foot only.

SUPERMAN -have players in pairs with a ball each have one goal per pair with no keeper to start with players lie down in superman position in between goal and race to their own ball (10/15 yards away) and try to score in an empty goal
progression add a keeper 1v1 to a goal . bigger groups add kryptonite (defenders)
have one ball between 2 so play is 1v1 Fun Games

Escape to Victory – split a field into 5 areas (10x10yards). The send and 4th areas are second and have a defender in them. All other players on one line (start) and must safety get past defenders, when tackled they become a defender. The last player alive is the winner.

Foxes and Hunters – split group in two. One team are foxes without balls, the other team are hunters with balls. Hunters must try to kill all the foxes as quickly as possible by hitting them between the knee and foot with the ball. The coach times how long it takes the team in reverse roles – area size 20×20 yards.

The busy pathway – players must try to cross a busy pathway without crashing. Spilt into two teams. Teams line up opposite each other. Each team must get to each other’s team line with the ball under control as quickly as possible. Players dribble past each other and stop the ball directly on the line. (Variations – players go back and forward 2 times – players can tackle as they dribble though.

The Three Musketeers – set up a field in the shape of triangle. At each point is a player base. Three players try and hit as many players as they can between the knee and foot, when a player is hit he stands in that players corner, player with the most standing is winner.

Tunnel of Doom – set up a tunnel using cones. All players start at one and try to make it safely to the other end without getting hit between the knee and foot by the ball, which is being passes in by the coach. If a player is hit, they help on the outside of the tunnel.