Talent Promotion Policy

Talent Promotion Policy

Talent Promotion Policy

At Maiden City Soccer (Community/ Academy) we encourage all young players and their parents to be prepared to follow these important guidelines.

1  Education- when coaching is available young players must Endeavour to attend to improve technical/tactical aspects of the game.

2 Determination– All youth players in a coaching programme have to be absolutely determined to succeed in football. Their everyday objective must be to transform their individual weakness into strengths.

3 Energy– Players have to cultivate their enthusiasm for training, matches and the sport as a whole.

4 Discipline– The training plan is built around important basic requirements that every player must learn:

i)      Learn to deal with obstacles and disappointments

ii)     Demand the best from yourself

iii)    Always be accepting of fellow players (social component, friendships)

iv)    Be respectful of coaches and Club managers

v)     Be a good sport, both on and off the field (fairness)

5 Relationships– The coach, parent and player play an exceptionally important role in the development of a young player, in both positive and negative sense.

Many parents are overly concerned with protecting their children. They try to control things “behind the scenes”. However, this interferes with the young player’s ability to think and act independently.

Thus, there has to be a kind of marriage of understanding between the coach and parents. Trust is of vital importance. The parent must support the football information being distributed by the coach to avoid confusion in the long run.

In turn, anything that the parent is unsure about, he or she must approach the coach for clarification. However, please make sure not to pester the coach on a weekly basis.

A good balance is to be strived for, just like a good relationship

6 Patience– the half-hour / hour after each session / match is of vital importance. Leave the young player to gather his thoughts about any information he may have gathered in the hour / hour and a half.

This is quality time and we suggest that you only encourage and support during this time