Welcome to our successful schools coaching programme.

The schools coaching programme has been a major success over the past 20+ years and has been well received by teachers, players and parents alike. We would like to enquire if your school would like to participate in this programme.

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Chris Coleman at our Schools Meet the Celebrity event in May 2013 with local schools

All players who attend the Programme will benefit from

1) Expert advice from qualified coaches with over 20 years experience

2) Improvement in social skills like communication, team work etc.

3) Improvement physical literacy, general movement and co-ordination skills

4) Play small sided games (more touches) in a friendly and fair environment.


All of our coaches aim to improve the confidence of all the children who attend.


If your School is interested in taking part you should choose from the following programmes;

Ten Week Programme: The selected group of children work with the coach for a ten week period. This can be done with different groups for a second and third set of ten weeks.

Thirty week programme: Where the coach will be present each week and the school can select a group of children for the coach to work with.



There is a cost of £2 per player attending or a charge of £25 per lead coach required. Please feel free to speak with us regarding the cost so we can find an option that suits you best.

Any players who wish to participate in Maiden City Soccer’s after schools programme must fill in and return a parental consent form. No player will be allowed to take part without first filling in the parental consent form. The P.C.F. is attached, please make a photocopy of this and give out to those who wish to take part. If you require any more information please contact one of our coaching staff, John Cunningham 07746243728, Craig Lynch 07821062811.

We are very grateful to all the schools who have continually supported the programme and wish to continue these good relationships in the coming year and also develop many more.


Yours in Sport

Craig Lynch

Head of Community Development

Did you know that Maiden City also offer Physical Literacy, Multi Sports and Dance sessions to suit the needs of your school. Please feel free to ask about these programmes if you are interested.